pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Thu Sep 28 01:11:21 EDT 2000

Subject:   FirstGov.gov

A worthy attempt at a Web site for a labyrinth.  --PJK

(from Edupage, September 27 2000)

President Clinton on Friday launched FirstGov.gov, a single
portal that will connect citizens to nearly all online government
resources.  By linking nearly all government resources, the site
will allow users, for example, to download tax forms, apply for
student loans, track Social Security benefits, and make
reservations at national parks.  Using a privately developed
search engine called FedSearch, FirstGov combs through 27 million
Web pages from 20,000 government sites.  "This cutting-edge site
gives the American people the 'Information Age' government they
deserve," Clinton said.  Inktomi chief scientist Eric Brewer, who
suggested the idea for FirstGov when he met Clinton at the 1999
World Economic Forum, created and donated the FedSearch engine.
Brewer also established a foundation that will maintain FirstGov
for the next three years, with $4.1 million in government
funding.  (Washington Post, 23 September 2000)

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