[EAS]List Administrative

pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Tue Oct 3 22:37:28 EDT 2000

Subject:   List Administrative

Dear EAS-INFO Recipients -

To my embarrassment I discovered yesterday that access to the Web
page for this list and its archives, and for (un)subscribing


was not world-accessible (only Yale). This has now been remedied,
as best as I can verify with means available to me for making
myself non-Yale (an occasionally worthwhile effort, but a hard
habit to break after 38 years).

So feel free to recommend this list of occasional quizzical
mailings to your friends and colleagues. And please let me know
personally if you or they encounter any problems.

All best,  --PJK

|  Peter J. Kindlmann     |  Prof.(Adjunct), Director of Undergrad.  |
|  Dept. of Elect. Engrg. |  Studies and the Morse Teaching Center   |
|  Yale University        |  tel.(203)432-4294, fax (203)458-3803    |
|  New Haven, CT 06520    |  email: pjk at design.eng.yale.edu          |
|        http://www.eng.yale.edu/EE-Labs/morse/about/pjk.html        |

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