[EAS]Great Strides

pjk peter.kindlmann at yale.edu
Tue Oct 31 03:45:06 EST 2000

Subject:   Great Strides

(from INNOVATION,  30 October 2000)

Engineers at Russia's Ufa Aviation Technical University have
developed  strap-on, gasoline-powered boots, originally conceived
to enable soldiers  to cover a lot of ground. The boots enable the
wearer to take 14-foot  strides and jog at up to 23 miles per hour,
by incorporating a gas-fired  cylinder that pushes a metal plate
away from the bottom of the boot and  shoots the walker into the
air. Project chief Boris Rydoi is hoping to find  western buyers
for $400 contraptions, pitching them as an alternative to  in-line
skates. ("These Boots Are Made for Galloping" Discover Oct 2000) 

Why does this remind me of the Monty Python episode where athlete's
foot is treated with small sticks of explosive. A summary of the
results includes the telling category "missing, presumed cured."


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