[EAS]Unit Conversions

pjk peter.kindlmann at yale.edu
Wed Nov 22 17:25:11 EST 2000

Subject:   Unit Conversions

>From The Scout Report for Science & Engineering, Copyright Internet
Scout Project 1994-2000. http://scout.cs.wisc.edu/ 
November 22, 2000

The Foot Rule : Unit Conversions

"The FootRule is a continuously expanding collection of converters,
units and measures, data tables and facilities for the student or
teacher, scientific or engineering worker, parent and child. The
converters provide not only information such as how many miles in a
light year, the difference between US fluid and dry gallons, the
differences between both these and the UK gallon, but also gives
the invaluable background on units, their origin and definitions."
The site is divided into subcategories organized by topic and by
type of interface. Users can access information via either a
thumbwheel control or a table. The abundant topics available
include kinematic viscosity, acceleration, time, flow, and
luminance, among others. An easy-to-use form allows visitors to
enter desired conversions and choose scientific notation. The site
also features tables of physical constants, the periodic table, and
imperial capacities for the US and Britain. A nice help page (How
to use them), recommendations for browser settings, and a
suggestion form are part of The Foot Rule's user-friendly content.
This is an excellent resource for students and teachers in all
disciplines of science. 

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