pjk peter.kindlmann at yale.edu
Sat Dec 23 17:35:32 EST 2000

Subject:   Robots

Database on Service Robots
Cool Robot of the Week

As technologies become pervasively and reliably useful, they become
'transparent' tools, used with the user's mind focussed on the
intended result, not held captive by the often refractory marvels
of the implementation. This is how we use our cars, appliances,
PalmPilots, and CD and DVD players. To me that is the measure of
success of a technology.

In many applications, robots have joined the ranks of transparent
technology, as demonstrated by the database on Service Robots,
produced by the IEEE and the Fraunhofer Institut. 

The Cool Robots site, produced by the NASA Space Telerobotics
Program, features innovative robotic applications, updated weekly.
Some are for fun, others seriously useful. Archives dating back to
1996 are included at the site.

You get a lot of 'technology criticism' from me. The struggle for
common sense must go on. But in the spirit of the holidays I
thought we might share a technology success story.

All best,  --Peter Kindlmann

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