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Subject:   Eros Landing

Two on Eros Asteroid Landing:
Touchdown on Eros
"Spacecraft Makes Historic First-Ever Asteroid Landing" [RealPlayer,
QuickTime, Windows Media Player]

NASA's Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) mission completed an
important task this week: landing on an asteroid. Just in time for
Valentine's Day, Eros is the name of the asteroid successfully
targeted by the NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft. The craft has orbited Eros
for one year, gathering the most detailed profile yet of a small
celestial body and collecting ten times more data than originally
planned. At the first site above, Spaceflight Now provides a picture
of the craft's last view before landing, taken a mere 420 feet from
Eros' surface. Other snapshots from this historic event include a
150-foot-wide boulder on the asteroid and a view of the Eros horizon.
Space.com also has images from this week's landing plus an exciting,
high-resolution video of the October 2000 flyby (users choose
RealPlayer, QuickTime, or Windows Media Player). See the In the News
section of the September 27, 2000 _Scout Report for Science and
Engineering_ for more Eros-related resources.

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