[EAS]Short Story Vending

pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Tue Feb 27 03:06:13 EST 2001

Subject:   Short Story Vending

(from INNOVATION,  26 February 2001)

Travelman Publishing, founded by Evelyn Waugh's grandson Alexander,
has  come up with a new way to market short fiction. It's
installing vending  machines in London Underground stations to sell
short stories in a  folded-up, map-like format for about $1.50
apiece. Riders can purchase  classics like Sherlock Holmes, or
newer works written just for Travelman.  Each pamphlet is meant to
entertain a rider for about 40 minutes and its  accordion styling
makes it easy to manage in cramped quarters. The company  hopes to
add 50 machines in tube stations over the next two years and talks 
are underway to put machines on commuter rail lines outside of the
city.  Meanwhile, Travelman is developing machines that can offer a
selection of  stories and plans to solicit through its Web site,
www.travelman.co.uk.  ("London Commuters Can Kill Time with Stories
from Vending Machines," Wall  Street Journal 22 Feb 2001)

I found this item too charming to resist, especially reading
Sherlock Holmes stories on the London Underground. Of course with
PDAs, especially those with infrared links, it should become
possible to download reading also. But printed pages are much
pleasanter to read.  --PJK

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