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pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Mon Apr 2 17:55:58 EDT 2001

Subject:   Online Vision Testing

(from INNOVATION, 2 April 2001 Innovation Weekly)

New Mexico has become the first state to allow its motorists to take
an  online vision test when renewing their driver's licenses. The test
checks  for long-distance vision, night vision, peripheral vision and
color  blindness. For instance, on the long-distance test, drivers
click on large  arrows that show which way the "E" is facing. For now,
the online eye exam  is available only at motor vehicle offices in
Albuquerque, Santa Fe and two  other cities, but the state hopes by
next year anyone with a computer  videoconference camera could take
the eye test and renew their licenses at  home. Eventually, the motor
vehicle department could put testing terminals  at libraries, malls
and other convenient places. Eleven other states are  planning to
implement online eye exams by the end of 2002. (AP 28 Mar 2001)

Dear Colleagues -

This has the makings of a promising trend. I have long wondered why
various vision tests are not more readily available online, not to the
exclusion of proper medical attention, but as a welcome home
supplements to it. E.g. changes in peripheral vision are important
indicators of glaucoma and other aspects of retinal integrity. Maybe
the readership of this list is large enough to spur some further work
in software or Web online vision testing. Might also make a good
student project.

   --Peter Kindlmann

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