[EAS]Administrative Note

pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Fri Apr 6 22:08:27 EDT 2001

Subject:   Administrative Note

Dear Colleagues -

Because of tightening security, this item is the last, so I've been
given to understand by the Yale ITS folk, that will be added to the
reverse chronological archive of the EAS-INFO mailings from their
very beginning in late 1995, at
<http://www.yale.edu/engineering/eng-info/>. What is there now
will, I very much hope, continue to be Web accessible, so that
links in my educational materials and yours can stay intact.

Linked to this list's information page at
<http://jove.eng.yale.edu/mailman/listinfo/eas-info>, however, is
an archive since July 2000 when we started using the present list
software. That <http://jove.eng.yale.edu/pipermail/eas-info/>
archive will serve us for future mailings. Because this is purely
a distribution list, i.e. only I send things out, rather than a
discussion list, viewing by [Thread] and [Author] is a limited
source of amusement.

<http://jove.eng.yale.edu/mailman/listinfo/eas-info> is also where (un)subscribing is done.

All best,  --PJK

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