[EAS]Two Lives

pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Fri May 11 03:06:08 EDT 2001

Subject:   Two Lives

Dear Colleagues -

One of the features of The Economist that one tends to look at more
frequently as one gets older is the Obituary. Regrettably, Claude
Shannon was not included, but I did want to mention two contrasting
lives in recent months.

Herbert Simon, Nobel laureate in economics, artificial intelligence
pioneer, died February 9th, aged 84. He is the author of a, for
me, defining work about engineering and design, "The Sciences of
the Artificial". I read the first edition in 1971, the book is now
in its 3rd edition.

Richard Evans Schultes, jungle botanist, died on April 10th, aged
86. Sent by Harvard on a trip to the Amazon to study medicinal,
narcotic and poisonous plants, he stayed in Amazonia for 14 years,
taught at Harvard into his 70's. He was a pioneer of economic
botany and ethnobotany, and advocate of preservation.


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