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Subject:   Piet Mondrian Exhibit

In the spirit of the last mailing on images on the Web, here is a
pleasing Harvard Art Museum exhibit of paintings by Piet Mondrian,
for whom I've always felt an affinity. His last completed painting,
at http://www.artmuseums.harvard.edu/mondrian/career/career22.html
and discussed in the lengthy "Career" section, is wonderfully
suggestive of an integrated circuit layout.  --PJK

(from The Scout Report -- May 25, 2001)

Piet Mondrian: The Transatlantic Paintings [Shockwave]
Harvard Art Museum uses the abilities of the Web to present this
collection of seventeen rarely seen paintings by Piet Mondrian,
known as the "transatlantic paintings," begun between 1935 and 1940
in Europe and completed or altered after Mondrian arrived in New
York City in 1940. The nine pages of introduction explain the
techniques that curators at Harvard used to study the revisions
that Mondrian made to the paintings, including studying archival
photographs and examining the transatlantic paintings with
stereomicroscopy, X-rays, ultraviolet, and infrared light. The
Studies and Details sections provide in-depth examinations of eight
paintings, and all seventeen can be viewed in the Gallery section.
Selecting a particular image from the interactive "gallery guide"
requires a plug-in, but users can view all of the paintings without
it. The lengthy background section entitled Career covers
Mondrian's life and work, illustrated with more of his paintings
and photographs. There is also a specialized glossary for the site,
complete with definitions of technical art terms (impasto, raking
light, inpainting) and biographical information on Mondrian's
contemporaries who are mentioned in the background essay.

>From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-2001.

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