[EAS]Nortel heaves

pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Sun Jul 15 03:33:05 EDT 2001

Subject:   Nortel heaves

In sizzling 2000, one of the big stories about engineering graduate
hiring was <http://www.yale.edu/engineering/eng-info/msg00698.html>
It has now come full circle.

Hot and cold in saunas may invigorate, but I doubt that this kind
of hot and cold employment does anything except waste human
capital. Maybe a year's "graduate course" in things to avoid in
industrial management is perhaps not all bad. And Santa Clara
University, where the students came from, has a generous program,
more academically apt

> ... if the job search slows to a crawl, the engineering school has
> a fallback for the laid-off students: a "degree warranty" program.
> Started in 1993, it offers any engineering school alumni who have
> been laid off the chance to enroll in graduate-school classes for
> free until they find new jobs.


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