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Subject:   Ukiyo-e at LC

And now for something completely different--delights by Hiroshige,
and much else.  And while we're on the subject of Japanese art,
also keep in mind <http://www.kyohaku.go.jp/meihin/mase.htm>. --PJK

(from The Scout Report--October 5, 2001)

The Floating World of Ukiyo-e: Shadows, Dreams, and Substance

Visitors to this site will see about 20 Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock
prints, selected from more than 100 currently on view at the
Library of Congress (LC), that were in turn culled from over 2,000
in the Library's collection. Ukiyo-e is commonly translated as
"pictures of the floating world." The art form began in the
Japanese city Edo in the seventeenth century. The exhibition
proceeds through six sections: Early Masters, Major Genres, Images
and Literary Sources, Realia and Reportage, Japan and the West, and
Beyond Ukiyo-e. In Japan and West, Picture of Western Traders at
Yokohama Transporting Merchandise shows sailing vessels flying
American and French flags. Prints are presented as thumbnails with
explanatory text within the sections; impatient visitors can also
approach the show using the Object List, a simple list of every
item in the exhibition, that links to the full-sized version of
each print. Beyond Ukiyo-e, the last section, discusses
20th-century developments and movements in Japanese woodblock print
making, and concludes with a print of LC's Jefferson Building made
in 1966 by Hiratsuka Un'ichi, a Japanese artist who lived part of
his life in Washington, DC.
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