[EAS]Patenting the Wheel

pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Thu Oct 18 02:47:11 EDT 2001

Subject:   Patenting the Wheel

My friend Dr. Rodion Rathbone writes

> One of the lesser remarked Ig Nobel Prizes this year was that in
> Technology for the patenting of the wheel, in Australia, under a new
> "innovation patent" category.
> More info on the patent and the new category at 
> 	http://it.mycareer.com.au/news/2001/07/03/FFXQ7G9HJOC.html

A nice foretaste of what will happen if our US patewnt system
becomes even more of a shambles than it already is. The new
Australian patent category under which it is possible to patent a
"circular transportation facilitation device" would be welcomed by
American industry and its legal representatives.


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