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Subject:   Samuel Morse Papers

In olden days when one's news came via print newspapers, a newly
learned vocabulary word would start appearing in what one was
reading--an echo of a new awareness. The information density on the
Web is such that entire topics "echo" on it just as readily. So a
few days ago Samual Morse came up in a faculty meeting (as more
than the inventor of Morse code), and here is a major site on
Morse, including "the lesser-known Morse"


(from The Scout Report--October 19, 2001)

Samuel F.B. Morse Papers

The latest release from the Library of Congress' American Memory
site is the Samuel F.B. Morse papers. The online collection is
comprised of 50,000 digital images (available in two resolutions),
6,500 items, searchable (by keyword) and browseable (by series).
The holdings span diaries, drawings, clippings, correspondence,
maps, and more. The collection dates from 1793 to 1919, but most
documents are from the period 1807-1872. The site offers several
contextual features including a Morse family tree, a timeline, a
selection of collection highlights, and a couple of short pieces:
"The Invention of the Telegraph" and "The Lesser-Known Morse:
Artist, Politician, Photographer." 

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