[EAS]Original defciv.pdf

pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Thu Nov 22 05:00:30 EST 2001

Subject:   Original defciv.pdf

Dear Colleagues -

The original version of ACTA's "Defending Civilization" report,
complete with the names of alleged enemies of civilization, which was
described in <http://www.yale.edu/engineering/eng-info/msg00947.html>
is available from
(Try not to propagate these URL's further -- download it yourself and
post or forward. That is also why I'm not posting this to the
<http://www.yale.edu/engineering/eng-info/> archive. And should the
above URLs shut down, email me <pjk at design.eng.yale.edu> for a copy.)

The URLs, and further comments on the situation, were received via
Phil Agre's RRE News list.

American Council of Trustees and Alumni Defends University of New
Mexico Prof (when controversy erupted, they issued this)

Sketches for a New Blacklist

Lynne Cheney's Free Speech Blacklist

Up With Dissent

The <http://www.goacta.org/Reports/defciv.pdf> link at the ACTA site
_does_ work (when I earlier said it didn't my .pdf download capability
had been clobbered by an Acrobat 5 installation), but is the later
substituted nameless version.


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