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Subject:   Invention Web Site/Contest

[Also see note at end.  --PJK]
(from The Scout Report -- November 30, 2001)

Inventing Modern America, from the Microwave to the Mouse [.pdf]
Invention Dimension

Excerpts and supplements from Lemelson-MIT Program's 2001 book
"Inventing Modern America, from the Microwave to the Mouse" are housed
in this colorful, fun Website. The book celebrates the best of
American ingenuity and inventiveness, profiling inventors of everyday
objects such as Kevlar (inventor Stephanie Kwolek) and the electronic
telephone switchboard (inventor Erna Schneider). The book's Website
gives facts about some of these inventors, furnishes color .pdf pages
from the book, has invention-related games such as "Which Came First?"
(e.g., neon or fluorescent lights?), discusses the Lemelson-MIT
Program, and gives links to other sites on innovation. One of these
links is to its companion site Invention Dimension, which has
refurbished and added content since we last reviewed it in the January
12, 1996 Scout Report
<http://scout.cs.wisc.edu/report/sr/1996/scout-960112.html#2>. The
Invention Dimension has an exciting Inventor of the Week section and
searchable archive along with an Inventor's Handbook dealing with
intellectual property, patents, business plans, etc. If you ever
wondered who invented the chocolate chip cookie or wanted to learn
more about Frank Zamboni, father of the ice-resurfacer seen at your
local skating rink, this resource is for you!

Copyright Internet Scout Project, 1994-2000. <http://scout.cs.wisc.edu/>

Also don't forget the National Inventors Hall of Fame
<http://www.invent.org/> which sponsors the annual Collegiate
Inventors Competition <http://www.invent.org/collegiate/index1.html>
where T.P. Ma, Nathan Delson and yours truly have been advisors to
winners. The submission deadline is May 31, 2002. The rewards of
winning have risen over the years and are now up to a whopping $20K
per student (or student team), with $10K to the advisor(s). --PJK

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