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Subject:   Museums Online

(from The Scout Report -- May 3, 2002)

Museums Online

MuseumStuff.com is the one-stop shop for museum information, where
Internet users can discover and explore thousands of museums and
related resources around the country. This search engine, which
features a "broad range of museum 'stuff,'" offers links to various
museums, virtual exhibitions, museum events, fun and game sites for
secondary and post-secondary students, and educational links. The
museum links are arranged in three separate categories -- art,
history, and science -- and can be accessed from the main page. The
virtual exhibition section offers 55 topics ranging from African
American, to ceramics, to evolution, to motorcycles, to religion, to
zoos/ animals. Viewers can search for museum events by organization
name, month, and specific day, or perform an advanced search using a
combination of selections. On the whole, this gateway to museum stuff
provides enough resources to pique the interest of persons in many
different areas.

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