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Subject:   Implant Chips

>From The Scout Report -- May 10, 2002)

Implant Chips

First Humans to Receive ID Chips

Family Gets Computer Chips Implanted for Medical Information

US accepts 'Big Brother' chip implant

I, Chip?

VeriChip Corporation

VeriChip Receives Favorable FDA Guidance

Digital Angel Takes Flight

Digital Angel Corporation

A group of eight people, including all members of one Florida family,
had an implant chip, roughly the size of a grain of rice, injected
under their skin on Friday, May 10. Manufactured by Applied Digital
Solutions (ADS), the chips store a special identification number that
enables the retrieval of personal and medical information. In the
event of a medical emergency, a special handheld scanner activates the
dormant digital implant, which provides identification data with which
medical personnel can query ADS's database, the location of the
patient's medical records. Alzheimer's patients seem to be the most
promising market for this technology, even though other people, like
the Florida family, hope to benefit from it as well. Another product
that ADS offers is called Digital Angel, a wearable global positioning
system (GPS) device that, among other things, can track in real time
the wearer's physical movements. In the future, ADS is planning to
release a product that will utilize both of these technologies: an
implanted GPS-enabled chip. Unlike VeriChip, though, the GPS-enabled
implant would require Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval,
meaning the US market won't see its introduction until after FDA
testing. Many organizations, ranging from privacy advocates to
religious groups, have already denounced VeriChip and its eventually
successors, associated them with "Big Brother" and the biblical "Mark
of the Beast."

To read about the eight people that received their implants, look at
the first and second sites, articles from the Los Angeles Times and
Miami Herald respectively. For a non-US perspective, view the news
story posted by the British Broadcasting Company (BBC). The fourth
site, an extensive analysis of the subject from ABC News, should give
readers a broader understanding of implanted chips and their potential
uses. Two sites from ADS are next -- VeriChip's product pages and the
press release that details a FDA's decision regarding VeriChip in
April, 2002. Finally, the last two sites give more information on
Digital Angel and a sample of GPS technology already in use.

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