[EAS]Perceptual Clarity

pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Thu May 16 15:02:42 EDT 2002

Subject:   Perceptual Clarity

(from NewsScan Daily, 15 May 2002)

The Hybrid Vigor Institute, a nonprofit research institute dedicated
to  solving complex problems by synthesizing and integrating expert
knowledge,  has just published "As If You Were There: Matching
Machine Vision to Human  Vision," by Richard Jay Solomon. Solomon,
who was instrumental in the  creation of a super-high resolution
video camera for Polaroid, Philips and  MIT, embarked on a
multi-year research project starting in the 1990s to  discover why
even the vastly sophisticated camera he helped create could  not
"see" as accurately as the human eye. His latest research on the
human  neurological system questions long-held assumptions about how
electronic  transmission components, cameras, displays, processors,
and even audio  speakers should work, and will doubtless provide the
foundation for a new  generation of machine vision systems that can
more accurately replicate  presence, or the sensation of "being
there." (Hybrid Vigor Institute May 2002)

An examination of acquisition, transmission, compression and
reproduction beyond the usual engineering outlook of "how little
information do you need to transmit to make the picture look good,"
e.g. the premise of HDTV.  --PJK

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