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Fri Jul 5 21:10:42 EDT 2002

Subject:   Science Fair Project

A rather nice one, too.  --PJK
(from Edupage, July 05, 2002)

Jason R. Kauffman, a sophomore at the University of Dayton majoring in
mechanical engineering, has developed a new encryption technology
based on random-number generation. Kauffman first thought of the idea
while working on a science-fair project to improve computer animation.
He extended a mathematical technique used in Disney's "The Hunchback
of Notre Dame," which assigned pseudo-random numbers to body movements
for a crowd scene in the film. While studying number generators, he
found references to theories that the technique could be used in
encryption technology, but no details. He then thought of a unique way
to use random numbers in a math equation to encrypt data. He and his
father, Robert Kauffman, formed a partnership with the University of
Dayton to patent the idea.
Chronicle of Higher Education, 3 July 2002 (sub. req'd)

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