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Subject:   Spectrum Allocation

(from NewsScan Daily, 20 July 2002)

     In his brilliant weekly newsletter, Telecommunications Policy
Review (print only), Kenneth G. Robinson comments on competing
values in the use of the radio spectrum:
     "What's more urgently needed? Frequencies to support the next
generation of 'smart' bombs, essential to fight wars with Arab and
Islamic nations with minimal risk to American lives? Or, frequencies
to support the U.S. air traffic control system? Versus more channels
to allow cellphone companies to offer full-motion video and audio
'streaming' on special 'third generation' (3G) cellphone handsets?
What do you think? National defense, or video phones so your
teenaged daughter can see all her friends? 'I mean, like, awesome!'
'Like I think I need a new bolt in my chin, maybe a ring for my
eye-lid, it's so cool.'
     "Once upon a time, Federal radio spectrum managers thought
there were competing public values and national demands to be
carefully weighed -- the requirements of Government users versus the
commercial sector. Over the past decade, however, CTIA [the Cellular
Telecommunications & Internet Association, a trade group] and the
cellular industry have convinced policy-makers and opinion-leaders
in Washington that there's no real choice -- that handing over the
resource in support of expanded 'bucket rates' just has to be the
best thing. They've shaped the debate almost entirely to their
ground and, for them, that's good."

Excerpted, with permission, from Telecommunications Policy Review,
v. 18 n. 28, July 14, 2002. TPR subscription is by invitation only.
72154.232 at compuserve.com.

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