[EAS]The Valley's Grim Reaper

pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Fri Aug 2 05:06:56 EDT 2002

Subject:   The Valley's Grim Reaper

Differing perspectives on tech recovery. --PJK
(from NewsScan Daily, 1 August 2002)

Data compiled by the Bureau of Economic Analysis suggests that the
technology recovery is underway, after hitting its lowest point during
last year's fourth quarter. Analysts remain cautious but optimistic,
and Richard Carlson of the research firm Spectrum Economics says,
"We've clearly bottomed. I'm expecting significant growth next year."
(San Jose Mercury News 31 Jul 2002)


This article about Marty Pichinson, a quiet low-key Silicon Valley
bankruptcy restructuring specialist, makes rather grimmer reading,
describing that after the lull that followed the 2001 dot.com carnage,
there is now again an upswing in bankruptcies in software, hardware
and telecoms services and equipment. The most common reason for
failure now is not a flaky business plan, but too much competition,
"too much of everything." Mr. Pichinson thinks the tech shakeout has
another three years to run.

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