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Subject:   DSP/Applets/Robots

Free quality resources in the age of $110 course textbooks.
There is still altruism on the Web.  --PJK
(from The NDSL Scout Report for Math, Engineering & Technology,
 August 2, 2002

The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing
[.pdf, .zip]
Dr. Steve Smith offers his book about digital signal processing
(DSP) free, in its entirety, on this site. The DSP guide introduces
the reader to the fundamentals, and then delves into digital
filters, applications, and complex techniques. All 33 chapters can
be downloaded individually or as a whole. The book is quite well
written, with plenty of figures, graphs, and illustrations that
accompany the text. Smith derives equations for topics such as
Fourier and Laplace transforms, and he clearly defines the terms and
how to use them. This book is excellent for college students in a
DSP or signals communications course.

engAPPLETS: Java Applets for Engineering Education
The Java applets presented on this Web site teach concepts that
every engineering student will encounter in undergraduate courses.
Developed at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute with a grant from
the National Science Foundation, the applets fall into three main
categories: statics, dynamics, and fluid dynamics. There are several
specific topics in each of these sections, which demonstrate
principles such as heat conduction, ideal flow, vector algebra, and
projectile motion. The applets are easy to use, and a short
introduction explains the controls and the important observations.
The only problem with the site is a nonworking link to the
projectile motion game.

Mobile Robot Knowledge Base: Welcome
Part of the robotics division of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems
Center (last mentioned in the March 1, 2002 NSDL Report for Math,
Engineering, and Technology), the Mobile Robot Knowledge Base is a
growing site with some good information for any professional
designer or robot hobbyist. Although it is still being developed,
there is product information for ground robot GPS navigation
systems. Various manufacturers and models are described to help
users make informed decisions for choosing their components.
Eventually, the database will have profiles for various
communication methods, object avoidance technologies, and many other
properties for any robot platform.

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