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Subject:   College Rankings

The just released annual US News and World Report ranking of
colleges will again stir discussion about the method and worth of
such rankings. Here is some background.  --PJK

Princeton University Tops New Ranking of Educational Institutions

Princeton Again Tops 'US News'

National Survey of Student Engagement

Americas Best Colleges 2003

College and University Rankings

A Review of the Methodology for the US News and World Reports
Rankings of Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

The Princeton Review: Best 345 College Rankings

The US News and World Report released their latest rankings of
colleges this Thursday on their Web site. Princeton University was
ranked number one in the rankings, followed by Harvard and Yale (who
tied for second place), and with five institutions tied for fourth
place. The past few years have seen great debates among educators
about the validity of these rankings, with some institutions even
refusing to release certain data to groups that prepare these
rankings. A new aspect has been added to the data collection for
this year's US News and World Report rankings with the inclusion of
data from the National Survey of Student Engagement, an addition
that is hoped will add a new dimension to the results.

The first link is to a no-fee article for the Chronicle of Higher
Education about the rankings, which includes some reactions from
Princeton officials. The second link leads to the National Survey of
Student Engagement and contains information about their survey and
which colleges and universities participate in their research. The
third link goes to the US News and World Report 2003 College
Rankings, which was released yesterday on their Web site with
partial details. The fourth link is from the University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign, and contains a collection of helpful articles
about the debates over college rankings and their varying
methodologies. The fifth link is to a report prepared several years
ago by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of
Chicago that engages in a critical examination of the methodology
deployed by the US News and World Report rankings. Finally, the last
link leads to the most recent edition of the Princeton Reviews top
345 college rankings for comparative purposes.

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