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Subject:   Past Masters

Dear Colleagues -

[This applies only to members of the Yale community. I apologize for
tantalizing my (inter)national readers, unless they belong to
educational institutions that also subscribe to this InteLex

This posting on the Yale Library list is a reminder of the great
classical resources we have access to at Yale in online form. Surely
this is a marvellous manifestation of information technology.

In the Past Masters database from <http://library.nlx.com/> is not
only the Oxford Classical Dictionary highlighted below, but the
works of Darwin, Dewey, Hume, Nietsche, Peirce, Plato, Wittgenstein,
and much more. Have a look. I find that I still have classical
nerves set tingling by such a resource, tracing way back to the
two-year Contemporary Civilization classical core curriculum I had
at Columbia.

All best, --PJK

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> Subject: Oxford Classical Dictionary
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> I'm happy to announce the activation of online access to the Oxford 
> Classical Dictionary.
> For almost half a century The Oxford Classical Dictionary has been a
> distinguished reference work on the Greco-Roman world. Covering
> literature,  art, philosophy, law, biography, mythology, science,
> geography, daily life, and broad cultural and historical trends,
> the OCD presents clear, authoritative information on all aspects of
> the ancient world. In over six thousand entries ranging from long
> articles to brief definitions, the OCD  continues its historical
> tradition of authoritative, signed articles with bibliographies and
> incorporates the insights and interests of a new generation of
> classical scholars. There is substantial coverage of women in  the
> ancient world, sexuality, Asia and the Far East, Jews, and early 
> Christians. In addition new thematic articles reflect the current
> emphasis  on multidisciplinary approaches to classical studies.
> The Dictionary is accessible through the Databases & Article
> Searching  section of the library's home page or directly through
> Past Masters at  http://library.nlx.com/ (select the title from the
> drop-down menu).
> Please share this information with faculty, students, and staff you
> think  would be interested.
> -Sue Lorimer
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