[EAS]Police Cars as Billboards

pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Sat Oct 5 23:29:57 EDT 2002

Subject:   Police Cars as Billboards

You probably thought this pretty weird when I sent it to you in July

But the interaction between police and the world of commerce is
developing yet newer dimensions. See


> "I really feel we've finally gone completely over the edge of
> appropriateness and better judgment into a fuzziness between
> commercial and public discourse that is really dangerous," says
> Kalle Lasn, author of several books on the rise of advertising and
> publisher of Adbusters Magazine. "We've already tracked the rise of
> ads into every area of life from urinals to golf holes. I think this
> will diminish respect for the whole institution of police," Mr. Lasn
> says.


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