pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Thu Oct 17 18:07:00 EDT 2002

Subject:   Tele-Smell

(from INNOVATION, 16 October 2002)

Electronic Aromas, based in Inverness, Scotland, is developing
technology  that will deliver aromas to cell phones. The company is
working on a range  of smells for a variety of applications,
including a rendition of the  heathery outdoor scent of the
Highlands countryside. The system uses a  molecule-packed component
that's inserted into the back of the mobile  handset. The component
is then stimulated each time there's an incoming  call from a
specific number and emits a pre-coordinated smell. Dr. George  Dodd,
who heads up Electronic Aromas, says his future plans call for 
distilling and delivering aromatherapy products via phone. (Ananova
14 Oct  2002)

I can't help being amused by this latest product design venture.
Many years ago, one of the techniques used in discovering new
product possibilities was "gap analysis", a systematic search for
product attributes that haven't been tried before, like wine coolers
or time-shared holiday condos. The standard derogatory joke was that
gap analysis leads to fish-flavored dog food. Maybe dogs are smarter
than people. Phones that smell???  --PJK

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