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Sun Dec 22 10:26:00 EST 2002

Subject:   E-publications I read

Dear Colleagues -

Usually after mailing some unusual item, like the one on cyberbegging
<http://jove.eng.yale.edu/pipermail/eas-info/2002/000549.html>, I am
asked "how do you find these things?" I don't go out and forage for
them, nor for the typically more significant items I mail out. 

Division of labor shouldn't be abandoned in cyberspace, even if you
have become your own travel agent. There are many people who apply
their skills to sifting information online and in print, who
concentrate and then distribute their findings online. 

Below I list newsletters I find valuable, for reasons professional,
and sometimes just personally idiosyncratic. Many EAS-INFO mailings
come from these publications (and I always attribute the source.)

Have them introduce themselves to you on their Web sites, look at some
recent issues, and decide whether they intersect with where you want
to position yourself amidst the many "information currents." 

If you have any questions, just email me <peter.kindlmann at yale.edu>.

All best,  --PJK


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