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Subject:   Non-Articles

(from Edupage, January 06, 2003)

Elsevier Science, the largest publisher of scientific journals, has
begun removing certain articles from its database. In place of the
articles, an online search now offers a note that simply says the
article has been removed "for legal reasons." Other publishers have
taken steps to expunge particular articles, for reasons ranging from
an article's having been published previously elsewhere to inclusion
of political statements that the publishers deemed "inappropriate"
for publication in a particular journal. Many researchers object to
the practice, however, saying that altering the historical record of
a journal distorts efforts at scholarship and, in certain cases, can
lead to faulty research or even poor medical decisions. Mark S.
Frankel of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
said, "There should be a digital trail which allows these things to
be seen, observed, and studied."
Chronicle of Higher Education, 10 January 2003

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