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Subject:   Intel Technology Journal

Material that is educationally accessible and sometimes fun.
e.g. <http://developer.intel.com/technology/itj/q42001.htm>. --PJK
(from  The Scout Report -- January 17, 2003)

Intel Technology Journal [.pdf]

This quarterly journal from Intel addresses many issues related to
computers and networking technology. The articles are not overly
technical in nature, making them appropriate for a broad audience.
Each issue of the journal has a general area of focus. Some recent
topics include smart toys, the "digital home," and Hyper-Threading
Technology. While the later is an Intel-specific development, most
of the topics are applicable to the industry as a whole. The journal
was originally internal to Intel, but every issue since the journal
went public in 1997 is now available in an archive.

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