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pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Sun Feb 2 20:24:56 EST 2003

Subject:   Internet Patron Saint

(from NewsScan Daily, 31 January 2003)

An Italian Roman Catholic organization is hosting a Web site -- 
<http://www.santibeati.it/> -- that encourages visitors to cast their
votes for a  patron saint for the Internet. Top contenders are the
Archangel Gabriel and  St. Clare of Assisi, the patron saint of TV,
followed by Saint Alfonso  Maria de Liguori, an 18th century writer,
and St. John Bosco, a 19th  century "person who had a very good sense
of mass communications,"  according to Lawrence Cunningham, a theology
professor at Notre Dame. "Why  not have a patron saint for such a key
means of modern communication as the  Internet? It's a great idea and
perfectly Catholic," adds Los Angeles  Archdiocese spokesman Tod M.
Tamberg, who adds that his vote would go to  St. Anthony -- "The
patron saint of those who can't find things -- it  describes my Web
surfing prowess." (Los Angeles Times 31 Jan 2003)

<http://www.santibeati.it/> is in Italian. If you want amusing,
sometimes hilarious or even useful, machine translation to English,
use <http://babelfish.altavista.com/>. Paste in the Italian URL and
select [Italian->English] from the pull-down menu. Keep this in mind
for other Web sites in languages you don't read, that don't have the
good sense to be in English. ;-)


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