[EAS]Premature Obits

pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Sun Apr 27 21:05:35 EDT 2003

Subject:   Premature Obits

(from NewsScan Daily, 18 April 2003)

A glitch on the CNN.com Web site accidentally made available draft 
obituaries written in advance for Dick Cheney, Ronald Reagan, Fidel
Castro,  Pope John Paul II and Nelson Mandela. "The design mockups
were on a  development site intended for internal review only," says
a CNN  spokeswoman. "The development site was temporarily publicly
available  because of human error." The pages were yanked about 20
minutes after being  exposed. (CNet News.com 17 Apr 2003)

Sort of like those parallel universes the cosmologists talk about.
Here, you're alive in one, and dead in another. Actually, even my
average work week these days can make me feel like that.  --PJK

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