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Wed May 14 23:33:22 EDT 2003

Subject:   iLoo

Another installment in the "IT: Believe it or Not" category. --PJK

(from NewsScan Daily, 14 May 2003)

Microsoft and its public relations firm are now saying that what
they  themselves thought was a hoax (the development of the iLoo,
a portable  toilet complete with wireless keyboard and Internet
access) actually was a  real project of the company's MSN group
in the UK. The original press  release indicated that the iLoo
would offer its users "a unique  experience." An MSN product
manager now says: " "We jumped the gun  basically yesterday in
confirming that it was a hoax and in fact it was  not," said Lisa
Gurry, MSN group product manager. "Definitely we're going  to be
taking a good look at our communication processes internally.
It's  definitely not how we like to do PR at Microsoft." In any
event, whether  really a hoax or really real, the project is now
dead -- flushed, as it  were. (AP/USA Today 14 May 2003)

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