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Subject:   Electronic Voting

Another technological innovation, now without partially attached
chads, but with concerns of different kinds.  --PJK

Two on Electronic Voting

Study: E-Voting Flaws Risk Ballot Fraud

Analysis of an Electronic Voting System [pdf]

A July 25, 2003 news article from CNN makes note of a potential flaw
in a kind of electronic voting machine used in several U.S. states.
The flaw was discovered and publicized by researchers from Johns
Hopkins and Rice Universities, and it purportedly can make the
machine vulnerable to security breaches that would allow a single
individual to cast multiple votes. The conclusions of the
researchers are outlined in a 24-page study. After providing an
overview of the voting system in question, which requires users to
insert a smart card to cast a vote, the report suggests that
homemade smart cards could be used to gain an unacceptable level of
access. Examples of violations include, as was mentioned above, the
ability to submit multiple ballots, as well as "viewing partial
results and terminating the election early."

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