[EAS]High(er) Tech Prayers

pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Wed Sep 10 23:37:59 EDT 2003

Subject:   High(er) Tech Prayers

Dear Colleagues -

Further to my ongoing effort to keep you at the cutting edge of
technology and religion (vide the earlier
<http://jove.eng.yale.edu/pipermail/eas-info/2003/000579.html>), I
offer the item below.  
This is course readily extends to other religions, such as automating
novenae in the Roman Catholic Church. Tibetan prayer wheels, however,
could simply be motorized.  --PJK

(from INNOVATION, 10 September 2003)

Busy Indians are bypassing lengthy queues outside temples during
Bombay's  annual festival for the Hindu god Ganesh and using BPL
Mobile's SMS  (text-messaging) service to have a surrogate say their
prayers for them.  The service costs 51 rupees ($1.10) and BPL says
more than 5,000 people  have taken advantage of the shortcut.
Customers receive a receipt following  the prayer, along with special
offerings and a portrait of Ganesh. "It  helps our subscribers get
some sort of a pious feeling," says BPL chief  operating officer
Krishna Angara. (Reuters 3 Sep 2003)

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