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Subject:   Project Vote Smart

The current issue of Scout Report
reminds me of Project Vote Smart, which has been my valued companion
in many a recent election. Please have a look at this resource.


Project Vote Smart


Founded in 1992 by a diverse group of leaders (including former
Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford), Project Vote Smart is a
"citizen's organization dedicated to serving all Americans with
accurate and unbiased information for electoral decision-making." PVS
is a non-profit independent organization that is funded through
private donations and grants from various foundations, including the
Carnegie, Ford, and Revson Foundations. From their site, the general
public can find out a great deal of information about local, state,
and national government officials and political candidates, including
their voting records and which legislation they have sponsored in the
past. The information about candidates and elected officials is
divided into five basic categories, including issue positions,
campaign finances, voting records, and performance evaluations. Most
recently, PVS has created a special section devoted to providing the
most current and comprehensive information on 2004 presidential

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