[EAS] Internet is no Library

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Thu May 27 21:38:27 EDT 2004

Subject:   Internet is no Library

(from CIT INFOBITS May 2004 No. 71 ISSN 1521-9275)


Published three years ago, Mark Y. Herring's article, "10 Reasons
Why the Internet Is No Substitute for a Library" (AMERICAN
LIBRARIES, April 2001, pp. 76-78), is uncomfortably relevant today.
Many of the Internet problems Herring addressed still trouble us:
poor quality control, the absence older materials, incompleteness of
so-called full-text sites, and search engine insufficiencies. The
article is available online at

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Dear Colleagues -

This is still worth thinking about, not so much because anyone at a
university is likely to propose eliminating libraries (as some
corporations _have_ done), but because the habits of searching often
start and end with google. It is especially important that our
students, who are furthest toward the google-only, MacDonaldized
form of information gathering, be reminded of the effective and
_ordered_ concentration of knowledge a libary represents. See also


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