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Tue Oct 26 11:52:28 EDT 2004

Subject:   Saved by Google

(from NewsScan Daily, 21 October 2004)

      Iraqi militants who kidnapped and threatened to kill an
Australian journalist did a Google search for his name on the
Internet to check his work before releasing him unharmed. John
Martinkus, a veteran freelancer who has covered conflicts from East
Timor to Iraq, was released Tuesday, a day after he was taken
hostage by Sunni militants and ex-Iraqi army officers. Martinkus
was filming a report for SBS's Dateline program and was preparing
to leave Iraq when he was grabbed outside a hotel popular with 
foreign correspondents. SBS executive producer Mike Carey today said
the journalist's captors had investigated his background online and
saw he was  harmless. "They Googled him, they checked him out on a
popular search  engine and got onto his own website or his
publisher's website and saw he  was a writer and journalist," Carey
said. "They had thought he was working for the Americans as an
informer." In this case, modern technology probably saved his life,
he said. "It certainly did help," Carey said. (The Age 20  Oct 2004)
rec'd from John Lamp

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