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Subject:   Internet and Civics

As preface to all the detailed links, I recommend an excellent Bill
Moyers speech from this summer, that also came to me via the

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  Bill Moyer's MP3 Audio - High Quality (for high speed connections)

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(from NSDL Scout Report, November 5, 2004 | Volume 3, Number 23)

The Internet and Civic Life

First Monday: The Digital Tea Leaves of Election 2000

Institute for Policy, Democracy and the Internet

Wired: Weapons of Mass Mobilization

Fact Check

IT Facts

Pew: Internet and Democratic Debate

Wikipedia: Political Privacy

How Can Democracy Be Bad?

After the 2000 election, these two authors predicted that Internet
usage would change the way campaigns are run (1). A report posted on
this website provides some examples of how the Internet was used in
2004, particularly for posting videos (2). Another feature of this
year's campaign is the use of the Internet to organize grassroots
activism, as is discussed in this article from Wired (3). By far the
most common "political" websites, however, seek to provide
information, including this website from Annenberg, (4). This recent
report from Pew finds people are using the Internet for political
information, and not only to seek information that reinforces their
political preferences (5). One concern with this movement to
Internet campaigning is that the use of cookies, online donation
forms, and political mailing lists to gather information on people
has implications for political privacy, an issue which is discussed
generally on this website (6). This website from IT Facts (7)
provides a variety of statistics on Internet use for further
exploration . This final article offers some intriguing thoughts on
democracy (8).

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