[EAS] Our "Knowledge Society"?

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Fri Nov 12 19:40:24 EST 2004

Subject:   Our "Knowledge Society"?

(from WHAT'S NEW   Robert L. Park  Friday, 12 Nov 04  Washington, DC)

In Cobb County Georgia, a sticker on science textbooks warns that
evolution is "a theory, not a fact." It's being challenged in
court.  The Grantsburg School District in Wisconsin wants "Various
theories of origins" (read "intelligent design") taught. The move
is overwhelmingly opposed by higher education groups in the state. 
In Charles County, Maryland, several school board members want
creationism on the curriculum and American History to stress our
roots as "a Christian nation."  They are also considering inviting
Gideons to provide each students with a bible. The Washington Post
says one board member is a member of Gideons. Another hosts a
conservative religious radio talk show.
The Raelians http://www.aps.org/WN/WN02/wn122702.cfm note that, "The
Theory of Intelligent Design does not lead to a supernatural
designer but to an extraterrestrial human- civilization designer."

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University of Maryland, but they should be.
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"Down With Fancy Book Learnin'"

The US status as prime innovator, as the premier "knowledge
society," has often been cited, maybe not so much in recent months,
as our ticket to international economic competitiveness in the age
of outsourcing. But I suppose a vigorous nation should periodically
reexamine such concepts as knowledge, reason, evidence, debt and
competitiveness. --PJK

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