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pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Wed Dec 8 22:43:23 EST 2004

Subject:   Smart Cat

There are at least a couple of substantive mailings that I need to
find time for, but I thought I'd quickly send you this in case
you're wondering whether your EAS-INFO subscription is broken. 
(from Edupage, December 08, 2004)

Kathryn Silcox, deputy attorney general in Pennsylvania, has brought
a civil lawsuit against Trinity Southern University, an online
university based in Plano, Texas, alleging consumer fraud and
illegal e-mail marketing. Silcox brought the suit after her cat
received an MBA from the online university. Silcox became involved
after Microsoft contacted attorneys general in different states
regarding spam messages. She filled out the university's requested
self-evaluation and applied for a $299 bachelor's degree using the
cat's name. The life experience noted on the form was sufficient not
only for a bachelor's degree but also an MBA for an additional $100,
according to the university. Silcox paid $99 for a copy of the
transcript, which indicated that her cat had taken four semesters'
worth of business classes.
Chronicle of Higher Education, 8 December 2004 (sub. req'd)

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