[EAS] Ernst Mayr

pjk pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Mon Feb 14 04:05:06 EST 2005

Subject:   Ernst Mayr

This week's obituary of Ernst Mayr, evolutionary biologist.

> Mr Mayr did well in America, ending up in the Alexander Agassiz
> chair of zoology at Harvard, showered with honours, and proving the
> fitness of his own genes by living for more than a century. It is an
> irony, though, that his adopted country is the one place in the
> developed world where the neoDarwinian explanations that he and his
> colleagues created are not the commonplace of the schoolbooks, and
> where many people prefer to cling to the campfire tales of Genesis,
> rather than face the awesome thesis that Mr Mayr helped to
> elucidate.


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