[EAS] Engineering Info on the Web

Peter J. Kindlmann pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Fri Jan 20 01:22:05 EST 2006

A useful article <http://www.freepint.com/issues/190106.htm#tips> in 
the most recent issue of FreePint, a library-oriented British 
e-newsletter, updates the changing online scene.

In the early days of the Web, many universities started public access 
portals of engineering information. <http://www.eevl.ac.uk/> was one 
of the first. Such efforts, often publicly funded, are now less novel 
and less frequent. Funding is now usually by the hosting university, 
and access is typically more restricted to that local domain. 
Honeymoon periods tend to fade away.

Also have a look at the article "Trends in business information, 
provision and use" 
<http://www.freepint.com/issues/190106.htm#feature> in this issue, 
and consider bookmarking Freepint <http://www.freepint.com/> or 
subscribing to their biweekly email announcements.


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