[EAS] Movie Directors

Peter J. Kindlmann pjk at design.eng.yale.edu
Wed Apr 26 01:48:42 EDT 2006

Ok, so this isn't always about society/culture/technology/education topics.
As you know, I'm very fond of movies, and good information about directors
is usually harder to come by than about about films and actors.
So this site is a real find, particularly this section 
<http://www.sensesofcinema.com/contents/directors/index.html>.  --PJK

(from The Scout Report -- April 21, 2006)

Senses of Cinema

There are thousands of websites dedicated to serious and not-so-serious
discussions of film, and even the most dedicated web-surfing individuals may
grow frustrated looking for helpful sites in this particular realm of the
Internet. The Senses of Cinema website is a real find, and it is "devoted to
the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema." The journal itself is open
to a number of different critical approaches to understanding and analyzing
film. Based in Australia, and funded in part by the Australian Film
Commission, the site contains reviews of films, interviews with filmmakers,
film polls, and movie soundtracks. One particularly compelling section is
the "Great Directors" area. Here visitors can read intelligent and
intriguing profiles of well-regarded auteurs, such as Robert Altman, Anthony
Mann, and Nicholas Ray. The site is rounded out by several informative
essays on Australian cinema, including a lucid discussion of the
representation of Australia's colonial history in film.

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