[EAS] Wolfram Computational Knowledge Engine

Peter J. Kindlmann peter.kindlmann at yale.edu
Sat Oct 25 22:01:24 EDT 2014

Dear Friends & Colleagues -

Once again I am indebted to the Scout Report <https://scout.wisc.edu> 
for making me aware of an interesting resource.

Since 1994, with NSF and other support, Scout Report has practiced an 
increasingly rare and still most welcome kind of Internet reference 
librarianship. Or think of it as an unobtrusive form of Internet 

All best,  --Peter

Wolfram Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine

Previously covered by the Scout Report in 2009, Wolfram Alpha, "the
computational knowledge engine" is more astonishing than ever. The
interface is deceptively simple. Just type what you want to know into the
text field. For instance, "How many Buddhists are there?" returns not
only the number of Buddhists worldwide (369 million); it also breaks the
numbers down by country and provides a colorful world map. Another example:
"health care Germany vs U.S." returns a range of facts, figures, and
graphs, including the amount each nation spends per person on health
($3,577 vs. $7,274). These are just the shallowest examples of what Wolfram
Alpha can do, so its worth exploring with your specific needs in mind.

     From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2014.

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