[EverythingUseful] YaleBlueBook Updated!

Casey Watts casey.s.watts at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 19:49:50 EST 2012

Did you realize that YaleBlueBook had updated?
It's definitely the best alternative bluebook at this point (and gonna
become OCS one day? yess!).

   - YaleBlueBook.com <http://yalebluebook.com/> BEST
      - Winner who takes all. Facebook integration, easy access to
      evaluations, gets your textbooks. Everything.
      - One trick: to search for evaluations by professor (regardless of
      class) you have to be in compare view and click on the name. The rest of
      the evaluations are in course details where you expect them.
      - If facebook won't log you in, try clearing your cache and trying
      - Bugginess: pretty solid :D

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