[EverythingUseful] Piazza Q&A for Classes /and/ the Half-Blood Prince's Annotated Lab Manual

Casey Watts casey.s.watts at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 22:02:44 EST 2012

and Collaborative

I'm in a lab (class) where we never actually know what we're doing. There
are two ways I'm trying to fix it:

   1. Started a *Piazza <http://piazza.com/> Q&A site* for the class. Now
   students can ask questions before we get there. Students/professors/TA's
   all collaborate to answer each other's questions wiki-style until one
   perfect answer is attained.
      - Sooo many classes would benefit from this; professors just don't
      know it exists. Let them know ^_~
      - Biochem lecture uses it and everyone loves it!
   2. Half-Blood Prince's Annotated Lab
   That is, collaborative commenting on the lab manual. I put the lab manual
   onto *GoogleDocs* and shared it with the class, restricting everyone to
   "comments only". This way we can comment to ask/answer questions in the
   context of the manual. Also, we can all update our paper copies with all
   the secret tricks before we get to lab! Alsoalso, the professor would love
   to have this for revising the notes for next semester.

If you'd like to *soup-up* your lab experience and you want help, there
some tricky details I didn't write out in full here - if you ask me (
casey.watts at yale.edu) I'll dish them out. In particular, GoogleDocs can be
soo tricky :P

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