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Casey Watts casey.s.watts at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 19:09:10 EST 2012

How to Wake Up Beautifully Every

I actually never wake up groggy, sleep or no sleep. Sleep science is real!
Try it sometime ;D

(Okay, so once in a while I don't wake up beautifully - but it's almost
always from an alarm-setting mistake!)

The Science:

   - The clearest source online:
   - Your body goes many *sleep cycles* every night, usually about 1.5h.
      - You should only attempt to wake up during shallowest part of the
   - You just need to know what your *baseline* is (where the shallowest
   part is).
      - Assuming you fall asleep when you lay down, your baseline is
      probably something like (7.5h +/- 1.5h)
      - Assuming it takes you 14 minutes to fall asleep, this website will
      do the math for you: http://www.sleepyti.me/
      - This baseline changes depending on how well/un-rested you are, and
      that's the hard part to keep track of.
   - An example: you snooze 30 min before waking up
      - That shows you where the "baseline" is!
      - You could change your *bedtime* or your *alarm* to prevent this the
      next day. If you snooze 30 min:
         - Go to bed 30 min earlier if you can (obvious right?)
         - OR try setting your alarm back 60 minutes the next day. It's
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