Shall We Dance - Prologue

Alan Kita alkita at
Wed Nov 5 12:18:33 EST 1997

although this has nothing to do with Suo's opening to his movie, but it
is likely that many Tokyoites were unaware that in the early part of the
Meiji, or at least the early part of the modernization process (and
pre-military "era")...that the once kimono'd samurai couples attended
"balls" held in the then-modern Imperial Hotel (as I'm sure other places
in "Victorian Japan") where the couples probably "attempted" to learn
the latest ballroom craze from Europe and the U.S.  At least it made for
some interesting photographs.

I'm not sure who dances with who, but I guess that the "younger" daimyos
and their women were probably quick to pick up on new you
would expect...I don't know if there are any 'Meiji-jidai pop culture'
scholars around, but....


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